About us

About Us

Together we share a passion for good food and drink. In our living room restaurant cooking and serving are intertwined. This allows you to see into our open kitchen, but you might also find the chef at your table presenting a dish. This way we make sure to share our passion with you as well!

Who are we?

Brothers Sjoerd and Koen took over De Betere Tijden in 2017. We started very small; Sjoerd as the host, Koen as the chef and mum for the flower decorations.

By now our team has grown and altered, but we remain small and “gezellig” (cosy).

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De Betere Tijden

Started in 2012 as a Grand Café by two students from the Hogere Hotelschool in Leeuwarden. With specialties such as Dutch cake and grandmothers meatballs it was a great place to enjoy some wholesome food.

After Sjoerd and Koen took over in 2017 it slowly changed from Grand Café to restaurant. The relaxed atmosphere remained, the kitchen has evolved since then.



Manus van alles
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Let us introduce ourselves

In our living room restaurant we hold personal attention in high regard. You might just meet one of these faces at your table.